wedding exhibitions / fayres.


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Aug 6, 2010
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Do people use this to exhibit at? they seem very expensive and i'm not sure if I'd get the return. (eyelhas extensions)
The only trouble with our business is that people usually have their own therapists who do what they need, and they will stay with them especially for a big thing like their wedding, because they already know them. I've done wedding fayres and it wasn't worth it. It's mainly just for things we dont do on a regular basis like flowers and cakes. But your area might be different, so why dont you try with some of the cheaper wedding fayres, with cheaper stalls. That way you can see for yourself, and maybe move up. maybe you can consider posting some fliers in local wedding dress shops and see what the outcome of that is.

I decided to go for it in the end and am glad I did, covered costs at the very least. :green:
I have paid to go on a wedding website for my area and it as been a massive thing I have had over 30 leads in last month xx
I am planning on doing a wedding show in a few months I think the thing you need to look at is what you are advertsing I do airbrush makeup and I am the only one within 10 miles so I want people to see it and understand xx
I have got full wedding beauty packages and already got a few booked in this year so I do think the wedding market is a good thing to be in if you do makeup and beauty xx
We did a Wedding Fayre at our salon which cost us £175 + VAT and we got one solid booking out of it for £350 +.

As staff we don't get paid but we're self employed so it's a good incentive for us to attend as anyone we bring in, we can treat.
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