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Dec 22, 2011
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North East

Doing a wedding fayre very soon!

Thinking of doing little bags to give away, free samples etc?

What do you all think we should display on the stand?

Also video advertisements playing on the laptop so they can see what we are about?

2 therapists to talk to

Any other ideas that you can think of which we should do?


Any information i would find interesting

Nicole Thanks
how about having a prize draw?
basically they right down their name and address (you then have follow up details) for a chance to win say a bottle of wine that at the end of the day will be drawn by who ever runs the place the fayre is.

you then ring everyone else a few days later saying sorry you didnt win but came second so you are entitled to a free wedding consultation or something like that. hth xxx

I would recommend that you dont do 'goody bag' as these can be a waste of money.

instead I would recommend that you take lots of leaflets, business cards and promo material with you.

Regarding bookings I would make sure that you take a deposit incase they change their mind a couple of days as some brides tend to panic book suppliers at wedding shows and then when they get home realise that they not a 100% sure they can still aford or want the supplier any more.

I had a bride once can to me after panic booking a different MUA at a wedding show then realised a couple of days later that didnt like her work etc so cancelled and booked me instead ( she found me on google after the event)
Hi, thanks for the advice. I agree about the goodie bags costing but at this moment in time it will be free samples which i have recieved for free, a dvd of our adverts already have the discs, already have brown bags, loads of balloons and will then incluse busineaa cards and leaflets etc. So really it's not really costing much as i already have supplies. We will also be offering free 10 mins indian head massage. Will defenintely take a deposit never really thought about this. Might be a gud idea to take the card machine
i did a wedding exhibition a few weeks ago and i would definitely say that you need a photo album of your work, everyone else at the one i was at had them and brides loved looking through them xx

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