wedding fayre

Hello geeks

I want your opinion please

I have searched on here for info about wedding fayres as i am going to one and needed some help.

So this is what i am going to do -

i am taking a model (or 2) to do make-up, hair up etc on,
i will take lots of my brochures,
we have also put together a wedding pack (consisting of our packages, helpful info and what will happen on the day and at the trial)
and i have a selection of our retail products (and retail brochures) for display

we are also giving the first 10 brides a bag with our brochure in, a £5 gift voucher and a bottle of nail varnish.

do you think this sounds ok?????

I hope this all makes sense!!! LOL

thanks for reading


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I think that sounds pretty much everything you need for a wedding fayre.
If you have time it might be worth having a few pics of before & afters as really brides like to see these (I dont have any but when I have done fayres I am always asked).

thankyou pazzy
yes i think i will out some of my piccies up.


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I also have a display board with posters on and business name so that your not lost amongst the other exhibitors.

Some of the stands are fantastic and I always feel a bit 'poor' in comparison - i.e choc fountains & dress companies.


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sounds fab to me hun!

hope you get loads of custom from this!
wedding fayres are great.xx

thankyou for your ideas

i hope i get some custom too - i just cant bring myself to say how much it is costing me!!!

why does everything go out your bank account at the same time!!! LOL


hair extension geek!!
aint that life hun!!

drives you mad, i know you have to put in to get out so they say but sometimes the putting in finishes you

good look and i hope your phone never stops ringing xx