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Jun 18, 2007
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West Sussex
I have qualified in NVQ 2 make up and someone has asked me if I can do their make up for a wedding they are going to later this month. This is the first one I'll be doing since qualifying.

I am going to offer her the following service:

consultation and trial and make up on the day.

Does £25 for all sound normal?
Hi, I would normally charge £20 for wedding make up on the day and £15.00 for consultation and trial (which I always recommend my clients to have). I have over 2 years experience working in the beauty industry plus my 3 years at college so I think this is a fair price, and as you gain more years of experience then you can ask for more.
I think if this is your first wedding make up then £25 sounds a reasonable price deppending on how far you have to travel etc. (take £10 for trial and then £15 on the day so that your getting paid as you work and not all at the end because if they decide not to go ahead with it you worked for nothing on trial day)

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