Wedding hair and make up courses.. What's the best one?


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Apr 11, 2012
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Im a qualified beauty therapist and would really love to learn how to do wedding hair and make up. Ive had a look on google etc.. but havent seen any that really interest me. Ideally i would like a course that covers hair and make up and also has the option to build your portfolio whilst your their.
Can anyone recommend any courses to me?
Thank you :biggrin:
Hi - I did a course with The Vintage Hair Lounge last year and although it's not specifically for bridal, the techniques you learn are all adaptable for weddings. The best bit is you need no prior knowledge of hairdressing, although a flair for it definitely helps, and it gives you an edge in that you can offer 'retro-styling' for those who want it. Retro is huge at the moment and it could really help give you an edge when targeting new custom!
Give them a call they are lovely, lovely people and really want to help others, very passionate about their craft too, and very experienced.
Good luck - Venetia :lol:
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Thanks Venetia, we're thrilled you enjoyed the course.

Not only do good dressing hair skills stand you in good stead for all weddings and special occasion hairstyling, we find now that lots of brides want a vintage look or vintage inspired look for their wedding. Quite often that means soft and flat waves, which means using techniques of marcel waving, finger waving and reverse pincurling all of which feature in our Vintage Hairstyling For Camera Course.

Sharon and Gloria
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Id also be very interested in this, especially the make up side :)

Hoping someone can help us out.
I've got my make up artistry course this week! With 'The Makeup Girl' based in St Albans in Hertfordshire. Will keep you posted :) I was very disappointed in a different course I was booked on for a number of reasons, but they did look amazing (won't name names as unprofessional) x

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