Wedding nails panic!


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Jan 20, 2011
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Hinton on The Green Evesham
Girls I'm getting married in two weeks. I've tried everything to get them in good condition ready for the day but it just hasn't worked!! I'm resorting to glue on nails but can anyone recommend a make? I would like active length French but I might have a bit of bling added to it HEELLLLLPP!!!! Heard Broadway, elegant touch and Boots nails are good, has anyone tried?
Congratulations on the wedding, but you've been here long enough to know none of us are going to recommend a set of stick on nails, we're professionals who have spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds, blood, sweat and tears on training. Why would we recommend a £5 set of plastic tips from Boots or where ever???

I'd recommend a Shellac manicure with some added bling if that's what you fancy, better for your nails, longer lasting and better quality.
How about a Calgel mani? If your nails aren't long enough for an overlay you can have them extended with tips or sculptures.
I can recommend a Calgel Pro in your area if you would like?

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