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May 27, 2008
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I done a trial for a wedding a couple of months ago. They were all really happy with it and the bridesmaid is definately getting it done for the wedding but i think the bride has been unsure

I spoke with her last night and I can see where she's coming from. Shes not used to having a tan and going from white to brown its been a shock to her. It did look good on her and natural but I completely understand.

When she called she was wondering if she could try the lotion instead. I said there really wasn't much difference but the lotion does last longer but it would not really help with her feeling to brown. I also said she would really need a trial of the lotion and with it being a week till the wedding i wouldn't recommend 2 tans so close

She is more wanting a hint of colour. So I was thinking maybe a moisturiser with a hint of colour. Can anyone recommend one? Its something ive never used and with a limited amount of time she'd really need to buy it now.

We only have a boots here with a limited selection of products.

Can anyone help
St Tropez Everyday the light to medium may do the trick. I'm very fair and I put it on at night, sleep in it and it just gives me a little hint of colour. If I put it on for the following two nights, I get a slightly deeper tan again.

What spray tan do you use? I use Tantrick and they have a very light one at 5% which is what I use on myself to give me a hint of tan, nothing overpowering.
i use fake bake. i used the original solution on her as she wasn't fair skined at all.

i've text her to tell her about he st tropez and hopefully she'll be able to get hold of some and test it out over the next couple nights before her wedding.

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