Wella or L'Oreal?


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Sep 17, 2013
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Hi guys for those of u who have used both wella and loreal which for colours do u prefer I use mainly wella but when I was in college intrained with loreal and never really like it all that much as I always thought the colours looked a little transparent I liked the reds and the milk shake toners and that was about it . What does everyone else like out of the 2 and why ? X

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I Trained in college with Loreal but worked in salon with wella and sine have been very pro wella, and now im my current salon after a lot of arguments with the mother in law over stock (her choice l'oreal me wella) she got her way and we got stuck with L'oréal.
however now using it, i love the colours and am starting to prefer them over Wella. Maybe you have had a bad experence wiuth them in college, but with the loreal courses and stuff they are brilliant
Wella all the way.

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Wella for sure! I also trained with L'oreal as well but Wella is better in my opinion.

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