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Has anyone trained with West London School of Beauty, in the Portsmouth location? I'm looking into doing some training courses, mainly manicures, pedicures and gel nails to start of, but can't seem to find any recent reviews on them. And was wondering if anyone could help.
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Tracy Swain

I would be interested to no also.


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I had this same problem whilst I was making my decision for training. I went there for two different courses last year (gel polish and level 2 NVQ for nails) and highly recommend them, especially with the lack of training nearby.

If you are looking to be a mobile or home based nail tech (or learn for yourself) their day courses are great to learn the basics, health and safety, contra-indications and contra-actions and client consultations. If you were looking to work in a salon or own your own then you would need to look into their NVQ. (I recommend this eventually anyway as you have to do coursework alongside the practical, meaning you learn more and go deeper into the subject than a day course can offer. It is a lot harder and more time consuming, but they are there to help where they're allowed and you end up with qualifications in acrylic, silk wrap and gel extensions, gel polish, manicure and pedicure. The coursework is done by you at home and the 6 days in the college are all practical, with the final day being exams.)

Their classes are very small which I appreciate (I had a 1-2-1 for my gel polish day course and there was only one other student with me in my NVQ course) and they are there for you to email after you've left the course if you need any further help or have any questions.

Whilst I do recommend them, I did also find that their training feels a bit out of date now (their NVQ more so) but that could honestly just be down to City and Guilds and the material they allow them to teach. If you are looking at doing day courses, they will walk you through all of the information about laws, H&S, contra-indications etc - alongside practical - but they do also give you material to cover after the training so its important to read through everything afterwards. I went in with a basic knowledge of gel polish and its application, prep, how to keep things sanitary and I think this helped me grasp everything a bit quicker considering it was only approx 5-6 hours of training.

I had a different trainer for both courses and thought they were both so lovely and helpful too!

I know this was very long but I hoped it help you in some way :)