What alarms do you use for your salon?


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Nov 6, 2007
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I'm thinking of getting a monitored alarm at my salon after an attempted break-in last weekend.
Does anyone use one and what sort of prices do you pay? I'm looking at AMCO, has anyone used one of their systems?
If not, what security do you use?
I do use CCTV cameras and the usual door alarms but to protect your shop more, try to avoid leaving expensive stuff/money on the shop. It's better to be sure than sorry. Keep safe dear! :)
I don't have an alarm, I do have a metal shutter for the front. Te 2 back doors are really secure with deadlocks and bolts etc. There's nothing worth nicking over night really x
We just have a normal alarm, we are on a main road so would think any one would break in through the front but the back way is like fort knocks! Back door is bolted from the inside top middle n bottom the bathroom window has bars on the door also has Bolts on the next inside (kitchen) door has bolts before anyone would get in to the salon they would most probably get fed up !

There are other ways of making your salon secure without constant expense!

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