What are my rights to my hair photographs?


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Oct 1, 2012
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Hi guys! I've not posted in quite a while but I really needed help and unsure where else to turn.

I recently started a new job where I get to do a lot more creative hair work. The salon Facebook page is quite active and we regularly post all the New colour/style changes that we've done. The stylists take the before and after pictures themselves and then send them to our boss to updates the Facebook page. I also upload the pictures onto my instagram account to keep as a portfolio and as I'm also proud of my work. Today my boss said that we were no longer allowed to upload our hair pictures onto our instagram accounts and never really gave us much of a reason as to why. I'm quite upset about this as I feel that it's my work, my art if you will and that I don't even have a right to it.

I wanted to know if this is correct, can she tell me that I'm not allowed to do this? Do I have any right to my work, or is it technically hers since I'm employed by the salon.

Thank you in advance.
Does seem abit unfair as you said it's your work and seeing as you work there ultimately will generate more money for the salon by attracting potential new clients through your Instagram
Can you not reach a compromise & put insert a watermark in your pics saying hair by ... @ name of salon? That way both stylist & salon get recognition?
Yes, I may mention that to her. I would definitely rather come up with a compromise instead of not being able to upload pictures of my work onto my instagram.
Are you employed or self employed?
If you're employed by the salon, the work you produce when you are being paid by your employer (inc. any photographs you take) belongs to the salon 100%.

It's nothing new and is covered under 'intellectual property' law and you could be sued by your employer if you carry on posting the pictures online.

Fact is, it's legally not 'your work'.

Obviously, any hairdressing you do outside of working hours, you can post pictures of, assuming your contract doesn't have a non compete clause.

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