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Apr 1, 2011
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Hi Geeks
Please forgive and post me a link if this has been asked, i have tried looking.
I am looking at renting a previous small hairdressing salon to start running my beauty & holistics salon. What do i need to consider such as
business rates (or would you expect these things to be included in the rent) this is for a shop premises and not just a room to rent.
radio licence etc
i know i would need to buy products and insurance etc.
before i make any commitments
also if i am just a single therapist and have a massage booked in how does this work for you.
i would have to lock the door etc and put in a treatment, so i do not interupt clients treatment to answer the phone or make a booking in person. This would be until i got established enough to be able to employ a receptionist or beauty therapist.
any tips or advice appreciated thanks
44 looks but no advice
can anyone offer help:)
I can't speak from experiance, but usually businesss rates are seperate from ur rent...

Yes u would need a radio licence, a business line etc.

if you are working alone, you could leave a good set time between clients so no one is waiting, this prob won't be much of an issue til u are more established. you could have a waiting room (with nothing but chairs and magazines) and keep anything pinchable behind a locked door (if thats poss-it isn't always) or you could lock the front door with a sign on.

with regards to phone calls- you could get an answer machine and ask clients to leave name and num n u can get back to them.

sorry I can't be of more help! xx
i was self employed renting a room in a previous salon, which closed so i took chance and opened my own salon. the best thing i did!!!!
your rent should not include council tax, you can claim small business rates relief depending on area, i got mine more than halved for the year. You need a tel line which is £60 per quarter for line only with bt. you need a music license through PPL.
in my salon i work on my own a lot so depending on how it will work, i have a door sensor that charms when some one enters so i can come out of treatment, my clients understand that i work on my own and i usually only leave for a min or so. the only other way is to place a polite notice to walk in's saying you are in treatment to call you on telephone. i have an answer machine to answer phone calls. the odd few dont leave messages but i do press 1471.
it does take a bit of time and effort to set up but its worth it if you think you have a good potential client base. i am a small business and my clients understand that i do my best and if i am intereupted during treatment i spend a little longer on their massage and explain at the end why and a thank you,
hope that helps xxx
thank you for your feedback there are some good points for me to take on board. glad some preople could spare the advice as some many look and just don't bother.
greatly appreciated:lol:
I don't have any rates to pay this year as I have been given 100% small business rates relief :)
There is water, electricity, phone line, broadband, music licensing, insurance to pay though.. As well as products, retail stock, client refreshments, magazines, start up furnishings and fittings Etc..
As already said, I would make sure you have an answerphone so that you can turn it on when you go in to a treatment and call anyone back who attempts to call while you are busy.. I have not ever worked alone in a salon, but I think it would be perfectly Acceptable to lock the door whilst performing a treatment and maybe put a note up saying that you are in a treatment and will be reopen in x amount of time.. That way your client won't be disturbed and potential clients will see that you respect your clients and their privacy/treatment..
Good luck with what you decide to do xx

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