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Sep 8, 2006
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Hi Geeks
I was just sitting here wondering if any of you may have a few words of advice for me in my current situation?

I gained my teaching qualification a while back now with a view to using it more when I started a family, I have done the odd private tutoring lesson from home but mainly been to busy with other work to get stuck in and really look for teaching work.....

anyhow I have been approached by a local beauty training provider with a good reputation and they have asked me to write 2 training manuals for them so that they can send them off to the beauty insurance company for accreditation and I can start teaching for them once or twice a month once accredited (fingers crossed of course).

Well I am now pregnant (at long last hooray)! :green:and am wondering if I should go ahead with this or just try and get accredited myself as I have the premises at home to teach from.

I was really wondering what kind of pay I should be expecting from the other training company also?
I would be teaching to start with:
half a day Hopi ear candle training and a whole day in Indian head.

I am also concerned that they may not want me to carry on with this offer now I am pregnant as I will obviously need a break for a while once baby is here.
Do you think I am taking on too much (advice from mums would be good to this question please!)x

Thanks for reading guys.x
Congratulations on your pregnancy chick....:hug:....

I would go for it....9 months is along time, and you could achieve so much in this time. Sometimes when we throw ourself into the unknown its scary but great things can happen.

You could be all set up and established by the time your beautiful baby arrives...then cross that bridge when it comes, see how you feel.

Sometimes i think plans need to be chucked out the window and you have to just roll with it...:lol:

its exciting !!

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