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Sep 11, 2003
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hi all again,
what do you all think about the nail trainer hands i need to improve my gel nails and have no-one to do it on, and want to be good before doing on clients hands so is it worth buying one or are they ****. also what do you think to them home courses you can do and does one course learn you how to do gel ,infills and removal or are they three courses
love dye
Hiya, after trying all sorts of different types of rubber hands and practice fingers I saved up and invested in The Nail trainer and found it's the best thing to practice on. It's fairly expensive but worth every penny just to be able to practice when it suits you! Try getting one second hand off e-bay.
I don't know alot about the home learn coarses but I think it's all in one coarse. Try looking at the Essential Nails website (not sure of address of hand but I'm sure you'll find it!!)
Good luck anyhooooo
Allison ;-)
thanks allison for that i will try ebay
love dye
you will need to buy the maintenance course or video for to learn infills and stuff.
the training hand is excellent as it gives you different shaped nails for to practis on, there is even a tiny little nail that mimics a nail biters nail :)

there is a place on the net where they are selling second hand nail trainers for £75...... i cant remember where though, nailsplusbeauty (is there such a site?) rings a bell for some reason...i'm sure someone else will be able to help you there.
its nail plus beauty 01273 677993 lovely site great nail things and lovely person.... nail trainers 75. plus vat/delivery
I have found my nail trainer (a.k.a Gladys) fantastic, but with gels that self level you have to bear in mind that the self levelling effect is slower as their is no body heat.I get round this by warming the gel a little.

The hand is especially useful when you want to try something more advanced and need to be confident before doing it on a client.

I bought mine second hand and it is fine. I don't think there is much to go wrong with them, but when working out how much you save buying second hand you must allow for replacement finger tips and thumbs (these get worn out eventually) and a pack of new nail beds which would have been included with a new one.
thanks ella for replying back to me i will bear it in mined about the gel
thanks again
love dye x
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