What forms does everyone use??


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I also use the NSI gold forms and am thinking of try out the reuseable ones.

Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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For my sculpting I have been using NSI Gold Forms, but have been thinking of trying out the reusable forms.
Do many of you use them??
Are they better for creating the C curve than the disposable ones, also with Sculpted nails I always find the nails end up quite flat both at C curve and apex - do the reusable forms give a guide to better shape??
Also can anyone recommend the best ones to try??
Bye for now
Perfomance forms of course :)

As seen in the sculpting tutorial here.
Couldnt see why I would need anything else.
... re-usable and disposable. Tried the square ones, the dreaded horseshoe ones... and the performance ones!!
The reusables ones are good until you come across a nail bitter or someone with tiny tiny tiny fingers... so tiny you could put the whole hand in a form!! :shock:
The horseshoe ones... well... I bought a roll of 500.... there are probably still 450 on the roll!! Can't find a single nail shape that these forms suit!! Maybe there is a trick to them, don't know... :?:
The square ones are quite good, there are a few nail shapes that they dont fit properly but hey...
Oh, and I have tried the see-through forms from IBD which are supposed to help the gel cure underneath (sorry guys... I do gels!!), but geee.... they are so soft!!! :rolleyes: Can't keep their shape!! Not worth it!
I also have the Performance Forms, and I like these because the have more "grasp" on the finger. They feel more secure and tend not to move so much.
The idea of the reusable ones seems to me very good, but why don't they come in various size??? In fact, why don't ALL forms come in various sizes? After all, not all fingers are the same and sometimes, forms are too big, and on some people's thumbs, they are WAYYYY to small!! Yup... happens!!
I use the NSI horseshoe forms with little tabs at the side much better grip from my point of view, sorry Geek but couldn't get on with the CND ones, as for reusable forms couldn't get on with those either.

Jue ;)
be interested in what everys opinion is as i have my creative illusion class on monday so will be form hunting .i have some of the cnd ones but not used them yet.so hopefully they will be just fine ,and not to tricky
i have tried the horseshoe and the re=usable forms without success....ive thrown them away actually cos they are that bad... for me the best forms are the performance forms from CND. They have a good grip on the finger and deliver a fantastic c curve. they maybe a little more expensive than most, but they are definately worth it in my opinion.

Happy forming!

Nicolajane x
I like the Performance forms from Creative and I also like the Acra-C forms which are reusable AND come in different sizes.

Acra-C actually give the sculptor an under-arch which you can't get from any paper form, and are super-secure.

Most techs who 'don't get on' with things don't get on with them because they have never had an expert SHOW them how to do it. They struggle on on their own (for a little while) and then give up and move on to something new in hopes that a miracle will happen!!

Try to use the opportunities that Shows present, and go to the booth and ask someone to show you how to do it. Suddenly the :idea: will go on and you'll be able to go home and 'get on' really well with those forms.
geeg what are Acra-C forms and where do u get them :)
It's not easy to describe in words.
The Acra-C forms come in 2 parts.
First you apply a clear acetate form (part 1) and then slide the cone-shaped piece (part 2) over the form and onto the finger to create a perfect C curve and hold the form tight to the nail ... very comfortable for the client too. Also easy to do on yourself!

Designer Nails sell them but not exclusively. They are also available from other suppliers I believe. Don't ask me the price because I don't know it. :? But they are in the Catalogue.
i used the horseshoe forms for years- i thought they were fine until i discovered the performance forms from cnd, i found that that had so much more support and gave a c curve which i found you couldnt achieve with the horseshoe forms , at last no more really flat sculptured nails!
i now use perfect c curve forms by ez flow.
i liked them because they were similar to performance forms for support etc...
they also come in 3 types which i thought was fab as just like with nail tips not everyones nails are the same and will fit the form
:arrow: universal are as they say universal and i find that i use this form the most
then there is
:arrow: square which are fab for clients who have flat nails or an overly tight c curve (they are also good when sculpturing on short or bittern nails)
and last but not least we have
:arrow: oval these are great for clients who have an high hyponychium and long nail beds
i have never used reusable forms so i cant comment on them.
hope that you find the forms that suit you :D

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