what kind of buffers do you like?


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Christie's Nails

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Jan 11, 2003
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Hawaii, USA
I am curious to know what everyone uses to finish their work.
I use CND Girlfriends.
Hey Christie

Have to say the ol' Girlfriend does it for me to :D

I use my white block buffers, then finish with my Girlfriend!
I am sort of in a buffer transition right now. I was conflicted because I felt that I needed to find a buffer that was inexpensive enough for me to toss after every client, or I could immerse in my Marvicide without ruining it. So I had been searching and trying different things.

Well then I read Vicki Peters article in March Nailpro about sanitation, disinfection, sterilization. It was a great article.

So now I am washing the obvious junk off my files and buffers (sanitize) And then spraying disinfectant on my files and buffers and letting it sit for 10 mins (disinfect)
So I feel like my options are more open now as to what buffers I can use. I may go invest in a bunch of girlfriend buffers!

It is easy to get little too freaky about disinfection in the salon..you hear so many things. Vicki's article was a breath of fresh air.
hi christie

I also have the CND girlfriend buffers

Hi Christie

I use a 'spongie file' which is a cushioned buffer, instead of a white block. They are nice and soft and can be used with oil.

Then I use my EzFlow Snow Monkey chamois file to buff - if I am feeling energetic :? ... otherwise I use a chamois bit in my e-file.
8) Hi Christie-
I use Gator Boards(I think by elegant glass)They last along time but are kind of expensive. Otherwise I use those sponge board filesby DHS(I think they are in the Industry Source book on pg.156) and they are fairly inexpensive. They work really well and they are sanitizable. I rarely use my girlfriend buffers because most of my pink & whites like a coat of Creatives moonlite & roses for shimmer.
Congrats on your freaky status! :thumbsup:
Hi Christie

I use an Ez flow snow monkey....i love this thing :eyesore:

I myself am in transition or it could be confusion on buffers. :huh: I sometimes use a white block or the green and purple sand turtles to finish. It just depends on my mood.
Thats what I use. They are a bit pricey but no grits on the nails, can be sanitized & plopped in my barbicide, & ultimately re-used. They can be bought in block or file form. I'm sweet on the file form of the buffer becuase I can get into the cuticle area so much better. Barb(NC) has found an inexpensive place to by "replicas" of the ones I use. When my stock is gone, I may contact her.

Happy Buffing!
Since my name was mentioned,LOL, I will jump in here. I got those buffer when I lived In Ca. at the Nail Emporium In Anihiam. what a store ! Man talk about a kid in a candy shop ! :fire: I also use TT & you can santi them, they last soooo long. When you have the best, you leave the rest LOL.
Barb (NC) :flower:
My girlfriend can shine anything!!
use my Girlfriend - best buffer in the world (personal opinion there but it's brilliant)!!! :tongue:
I guess I'm going to have to give the girlfriends a try. I don't think I have seen them before. I will have to look closer.
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