What makes a good hairdresser?


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Iv decided to do this subject for my micro teach. Any ideas on activities to use in the 30minute lesson? x

i think first of all you have to have a eye for detail and a artistic nature, you need to be a friendly confident person, also i think it helps if it is something you really want to do rather than just a job, also a organised person and obviously well trained, ampedecstras, as for activates in your lesson how about getting them to draw a pic of there faverit pass time explain it just has to be a fun basic stick person sort of thing with there left hand if right handed and right if left i haven't explained that to well but that will see how many of them are good with both hands. i don't know if this is the sort of thing you wanted but there ya go.


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No it helps loads. Thanx x

Jeni Giles

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put bits and pieces of craft supplies, ribbons, feathers, stryofoam, material scraps in a small bag. Have the "students" use the given supplies to create a sculpture, collage or arrangement using at least 3 of the elements in the bag to depict the different types of art techniques used in styling. Repetition, contrast, texture, alternation, discord, harmony.

This gives insight on the creative side of stylists.