What makes you different from other mobile/freelance stylists?


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Jun 8, 2012
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As the title says.
What makes you stand out from other mobile stylists in your area?
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I try to be as professional as I can but I like to be as friendly as I can aswell, make them feel like they are my friend so they feel comfortable with me, I know some mobile hairdressers who don't really talk to you and always on their phones! X
Defiantly professional like a salon- hair makeup, uniform an grooming all at a good standard - being on time- reminders the day before.. And having a passion for hair :)
The above and I believe that little things like tea and biscuits make people have a good feeling and no gossip!! X
Trust! My clients trust me to turn up on time, trust i will always do an excellent job, trust me to keep their secrets, trust I will use high quality products and trust I will be honest and open with them. I am almost always booked up 2wks in advance so I must be doing it right :o

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