What price should I charge for ASP gel polish?

I did the manicure and gel polish course with asp yesterday at my local salon services and forgot to ask going rate for customers!! I've looked in my local area and I can only see shellac and gelish costs only! Any ladies do asp what sort of price should I be aiming for?! For just gel polish and then gel polish with a luxe manicure?!

Re: in regards to the course it was really fab!! Our trainer was Tracey preist and she was really fab!! Really impressed with the high shine on the polish and she gave lots of info on designs and glitter ect :)!!
I don't personally use asp I use shellac but I'd recommend pricing yourself around those as you are still using a gel polish? Ensure you advertise as asp though. I add an extra £8 on for a luxury service x
Thank you :)

phone around your local beauty salons and find out how much they are charging, that will give you a rough idea
I've checked all the salon prices but they are only offering shellac or gelish so was wondering if asp signature would be differently priced?