What price should I charge??


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Beauty Lassie

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Apr 26, 2012
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I am returning to salon work after a 6 year break and updating my skills, just about to go and do a i-appeal eyelash lift course. The company say you can charge £35-£55 for the treatment and i am unsure what i should charge?

For anyone who offers this treatment how much do you charge? I will be working from a room within a hair salon, its a sort of middle of the road town price wise, there are a few posher bits and also more working class areas within a few miles to the salon.

Do you find its a treatment people will only go for if its a bit cheper or are they willing to pay more?

Any suggestions geeks:D
I would probably try charging £50 but with an introductory discount. Its a lot easier to bring your prices down if they dont work - much harder to put them up! xx
Look around at what treatments people in your area are charging, I do an eyelash perm and clients any find many places that still do an eyelash perm so when it comes to price list and adverts etc I'd say " great alternative to an eyelash perm" just do clients are aware I keep meaning to charge over and will do in time good luck

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