What the postman left


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Mar 17, 2013
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Montreal, Canada
Look what i got in the mail today!!!


Thank you Geeg for writing this book im so happy!:)
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Wow i want one geeg xx
Ive got this, i absolutely love it, my favourite nail book
Everything is explained so clearly step by step, she explains why lifting occurs and how it can be overcome, what else can go wrong and how to prevent that happening to you.
If someone could only buy one nail book to begin with i'd definately recommend they buy this one, its the type of book you can refer back to as well if theres something you maybe haven't done for a while and just need to refresh your memory to get it right again
Thanks for writing such a fantastic book Geeg x
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Oh and also its brilliant for perfecting the smile lines
i used to find that one tricky but she just explains it so well
I manage to copy the index page, honestly this is one you'll really be glad you got


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Does it cover back fills? I never learned how to do them in school so I am nervous to do acrylic on people!
I actually think its amazing that Geeg has actually made a book x
I think a well done is in order x :)
What an achievement x
I've ordered mine off amazon today temporarily out of stock so not sure how long I will have to wait for it grrrrrrrrrr👹

Laura 🐶 x
Will this book be for sale on any of the stands at professional beauty north today?xx

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