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Sep 16, 2003
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barnsley, south yorks
ok i've just been looking at carolines beautiful nails (Crazy n creative)
and what is metro powders. i ordered the mosaic powders but obviously there are not these. as a relatively new tech i'm gagging to get in to doing all the fantastic things you guys do, but don't really know where to start. so where do i get metro is this creative also. and ideas of what to do with my mosaic powders any hints tips would be great.

i absolutely love this business so glad i started just feel i have a lot to learn. anyway thank goodness for this site
Yep metro's are from creative also...........
In the mean time, to make mosaics a little more intersting, add some glitter to them.........
you can still do some wonderful stuff with the mosaics like ruth says just put some glitter in them

i have done lots of mixes with them just have fun with them and play

one colour powder i would also tell you to get is the black as i use this in alot of my colours
Sawsdee ka

I see photo of Metro powder nails and in Japan them speak is The urban Enhancement post modern jewlery for nails .

One photo i see is with use the metro city of lights powder and is silver color and i see them have black like you speak and can buy kit have 6 color .is speak Metro metal powder kit

I think this can look beautifull for sure .

Kop khun ka mui ka
thankyou all, i will get cracking with my mosaics, and speak to creative about metro's i always find creative order line, very helpful and patient with me.

thanks again

p.s as soon as i get a dig camera, i will try and post my pics could take me till 2005 but hey we live in hope.
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