What to charge for pamper parties


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Apr 13, 2009
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Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire
I've done a few pamper parties since I became qualified and I'm not sure if i'm charging the right amount

For 2 treatments out of the following:

Mini Mani(file, cuticle, polish)
Mini Pedi(file, cuticle, polish)
Leg exfoliation and massage
brow shape
hand and arm exfoliation and massage

How much should I be charging I know there are ways of working these thing's out but i'm sorry I'm not gunna start dividing my bottles of products to see how far they go LOL!
Hi I do a mini manicure- spritz cuticles and file and polish while theyare soaking their feet in a foot spa then mini pedicure - dry spritz cuticles and file and polish
£15.00 a head

I also do mini manicure mini pedicure and spray tan £30.00 a head
if they have just one treatment then it's £10.00

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