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Lavander Rose

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Aug 29, 2007
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Hi to everyone

I am needing some advise coz im a bit confused.

I am shortly going to be working from home once ive been to the Proffessional Beauty Show in Manchester and I wanted to ask all you therapists that work from home what proceedure did you have to do when you contacted the Local Council?

Did you have to fill in any forms?

what exactly do you need to ask when you ring up?

or is it necessay to ring up if your only starting from scratch, meaning only have freinds and family as clients at the moment lol ( no traffic coming and going every hour on the hour yet lol )

Did you all have a client base before you went home based?

I am in the process of working on my leaflets, business cards etc so that I can build up a clientel, VERY soon I hope lol.
I think what you need to do is go onto your local councils website and see what they expect you to do, the criteria will be there.

I'm just about to qualify in auricular acupuncture and know that I will have to get council approval due to insertion of needles, body fluids, etc, the same as tattoists, ear piercers and electrolysis.

I have been told to check out the website before making the appointment, as it will state what YOUR council expects. For me for example, I need a wash basin, somewhere for my needles to go in (sharps bin), chemical waste that needs to be incinerated, short pile carpet or laminate, etc.
I contacted my local council as I thought I might have to be licenced, yipee I dont, but they forwarded me to the planning dept and low and behold I would have to pay £290 to APPLY :grr: for outline planning permission - dont have that kind of money so am going mobile instead.

Also if you have a mortgage you may have to inform your mortage co. and household insurance co. neither of which may give permission or may increase charges, etc.

Good luck. :hug:
I have just been through this very same minefield!

Mortgage company
Environmental services (local council)
Planning department (local council)
Your household insurance company (if they refuse speak to your beauty insurance co)

If I have missed anyone please let me know!

I had a nightmare sorting this out but perseverance prevailed!

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