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Jan 8, 2004
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east sussex
I have a problem??

I broke my thumb nail enhancement yesterday, but not the natural nail, so i have quite a lot of growth, so i thought about doing an overlay? but A) i ahve never done one before and B) although there is quite a lot of growth not quite enough to square off the nail to make it the same shape as the others?
Then i though of sculpting over the nail to give a bit of extra length to get the shape right, but again i haven't done this before? I dont really know what to do, i don't reall want to have to cut the nail down if i can avoid it! Any ideas would be appreciated. :)

If you look under the tutorials section i think there is a sculpting one on there. Just in case there isnt

1) prep nail
2) Fit form..... make sure it is a snug fit and at the right angle from the side too.
3) sculpt free edge in white in two thin layers, this forms your tip
4) proceed to zone 2 + 3 as usual
5) when nearly set pinch gently across body of enhancement to give a nice shape
5) remove form and finish as usual.
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