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Jul 27, 2010
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Does anyone have any advice what waxing kit to buy as a mobile therapist
Also does anyone use a pedicure spa or just a bowl of soapy water??

I use Hive and v. pleased with them. The tea tree cream wax is great as well all the prep and aftercare lotions. Just don't buy their paper wax strips though!
As for pedicures, I use a bowl of soapy water. Did have a spa but they can be very heavy and at the end of the day, you'll get fed up of carrying it :p

Good luck!
Depileve cartridge system would work well for a mobile therapist they come in a duo. you could pre-heat them at home first so you would have minimum waiting time when you get to the client . They have tops on them so no spillage, and can be packed away easy.Also the wax goes on so thin, its less painful and you can cover the whole front of the leg , 1/2 leg wax should only take 10 min max!! As for the pedicure a foot spa is light and i think the feet need a good soak to soften cuticles ect you can fit all your pedi products in to them and its easy to do the scrub when they are in it for easy removal.
thank you I will investigatexx
Thank you I will investigatexx
Hi Sacha

Capital Hair & Beauty supplies sell pink inflatable bowls for Pedicures (like a miniture paddling pool) they take up little space & very lightweight.

Sian :)

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I use and like the Belava bowl with plastic liner which you throw away after each client. A bit pricey but saves on cleaning fluids and water for washing so maybe throwing away the thin plastic liner is not so bad for the environment after all. It means I have a dry clean bowl to pack away. Downside is that the water in a bowl cools whereas in a spa thing it would have a heating element to keep warm.

I use PhD Safewax as it comes in tubes and disposable heads and heats quite quickly though best to have it warming in the car or at home first. It is a warm wax and so disputable how good it is for stubborn hair but otherwise clean and efficient.

Caroline x

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