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Sep 20, 2011
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Hi Everyone I have come over from the nail section.
I really need some help, I have very dark black circles under my eyes and I really hate them but my mum also has them so thats obviously where they came from.
I have tried a few concealers but none of the have covered them enough, and The concealer also creases under my eyes and looks even worse.
Can anyone recommend a really good concealer that has complete coverage?
Thank you x
If concealer isnt working what about a highlighting cream? Or combine it with the concealer? X I use Arbonne highlighter on clients dark circles and it seems to help x
I use ysl touché éclat .. Pricey but worth it I have the same problem with the dark circles :( x
Ok that's everyone that's great, is there a good way to put it on? Is it best with a sponge, brush or fingers? Sorry for the questions but I don't do make up only nails. Xx
I know how you feel :( I'm exactly the same but with added puffiness!
I use bobbi brown concealer with an orangey corrector underneath, also from bobbi brown. It works but it's thick! I put a little on with a brush then pat and blend with my finger.
I also have an estee Lauder one in a blue tube that's cheaper and a little does go a long way!
Also the bobbi brown one comes with a setting powder aswell to help it last!
Hope this helps you? I get so down about my dark circles and will be interested in any other recommendations x
I don't like touché eclate, leaves me with dry skin. I use collection 2000 concealer it's brill. I read in a mag it's won load of awards. 4.99. I se a concealer brush.xx
Thank you everyone some great advice on here, I just get myself so upset and always think people are looking at my eyes. But I will definitely look into what you have all said this site is great. X
Awww hun I feel your pain :-( I have always suffered with dark circles too and it doesn't seem too matter what I do, more sleep/less sleep/creams numerous concealers - it's so depressing :-( I feel like it makes me look ill.
The past year though I've been using rimmel perfect match concealer and it's fab it's my make up bag essential!
But I'd be interested to read what the experts on here advise :) perhaps something that reduces the darkness as opposed to covering it up? 😃
I also have really dark circles, with the added joy of excema (sp) flare ups that started when I was pregnant with my son, and know how much it gets me down sometimes. The best routine I have found so far: Bobbi Brown extra eye repair cream (its full of peptides and vitamins and really helps the dryness). Whatever foundation you use taken over the whole eye area as well (this does some of the work of concealing). Bobbi Brown corrector, I apply with a small brush and try to avoid the deepest wrinkles (I only have a couple so not so hard) and then pat pat pat it in. This is usually enough, I will add concealer if needed, again pat pat pat. I personally don't like the powder that comes with the BB Concealer. I usually use MAC studio fix loose powder to set it, I've heard Laura Mercier invisible loose powder is great too. Make sure you tap off any excess powder before applying.

I found if you apply the corrector and concealer before the foundation, once you've applied the foundation you end up wiping half the product off. As for product settling in the fine lines, nothing we can do about that, I just pat pat pat to disburse it. Hope some of this helps. Dark circles are a pain in the bum, I hate mine but you just have to learn to live with it unfortunately. Oh and try to go to a BB counter to get colour matched. They aren't cheap so make sure your happy before you leave the counter. They are really thick and creamy, so use them sparingly, a little goes a long way. :hug:
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I use Ben Nye concealer wheels they are a bit pricy but a little goes a long way and easy to colour match to your skin type:)
It's true that dark circles can be inherited.
However it might be useful to go through a little checklist on other causes. Your best bet would be to book a consultation with a therapist.

To start you off though, meds, health issues, lack of sleep, fragile skin, toxic build-up etc can be some of the other causes.

As to concealers I think they are one of the most difficult products to choose. A luminous one may highlight bags, one that's too light or dark in tone will "shout". Some emphasise crepiness.
I would go to several counters and ask for trial applications.

And a last thought. It's worth using a small brush to apply a tiny amount of your usual foundation.....at least the colour match won't fight.
I use Clinique Airbrush Concealer on clients, it's great as it is a concealer and light reflector mixed, so it's not too light reflecting (doesn't give you panda eyes), and has enough concealer in it to cover dark circles, I love this product. Also, Benefit Erase Paste, I find is really good, it's a little thicker than the Clinique Airbrush, but it doesn't crease like other concealers can. Hope that this helps :biggrin:
For concealer I would recommend either the Bobbi Brown Corrector followed by the Creamy Concealer. This is what I always used to use. Howeer, I have recently changed to Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer and absolutely love it! I will be filling my kit with these as soon as I can.

Also, you MUST try Alpha H Advanced Eye Complex. I have only been using it for 2 weeks but it has completely transformed my under eye area.
Thank you everyone some great advice, think I will go to the shops this weekend and have a look around all the make up counters and maybe have a few colour matches and see which ones I feel will cover them so i feel a bit more confident. Thank you everyone xx :)
hey hun id highly recommend dermacolour concealer. Its cream based and covers all imperfections from spots, minor scaring and dark circles under the eyes its a must have product in my make up kit. yes it is expensive, but you really dont need alot for good coverage and it doesnt crease or go cakey like some products do. you can buy it from dauphines or charles fox

hope this helps :)

I've not read all the other posts as just having a quick scoot through this evening, so apologies if someone has already suggested this. But as a make up artist and being a dark circle sufferer myself, a good tip I learnt a while ago is to brush a bit of blusher over the dark circles before you put your foundation on, then pat the concealer over the blusher under your eyes. The blusher helps to bring the skin back to a rose colour and then makes it easier to cover with a concealer or foundation.

Plus, of all the concealers I have used on myself and clients over the years, I still rate the Rimmel ones... cheap n cheerful, but I personally find them as good as the more expensive ones, which I think I have used them all at one point or another! xx

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