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Apr 1, 2004
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Hello everyone!

Was wondering if you could help please? I am just finishing my VCTC Manicure and Pedicure at my local part time in the evenings, i have booked the four day foundation course with creative, and am so excited and can't wait, I am doing it in Birmingham with Marco.

What I am after is a little advice I currently work full time in an office as an office manager - boring yawn!!! I so want to get into the nail industry as a full time job, whats the best way do to this, go and work in a salon, work on my own, get my own salon, work from home, rent a table in a hairdressers? What should I do - can anyone help?

x x xx
It is very difficult to make a definate recommendation on which is best as we are all different and have different strengths and weaknesses.

I personally work from home and I always have (in nails) - it suits me best as I can work round the kids, on the times when I dont have clients I can do house things, shopping etc. The only down sides are no potential for walk bys and it can be lonely - this is where this board and others like it are fab.

You could contact a local salon and see what they have - but beware as if nails are anything like hairdressing then the new girl gets all the dross to do, maybe.

You could open your own salon but again look into it with wide open eyes as there are lots of expenses initially before you actually earn any money.

And also you could rent a table in a hair salon - again this comes with expenses which need paid whether you have clients or not.

It may be a good idea for you to start to get clients at home in the evenings and build up a clientelle before taking the next step and going bigger.

Also look around and suss out the competition and your market.

Good luck.
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