What's your favourite and not so favourite treatments?


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Nov 20, 2011
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surbiton surrey
hi everyone!
just wanted to know whats everyones best and worst treatment what do you love doing and why do you dislike the least?

my favorite treatment to do is facials and spray tanning! i could do them all day! oh and also love doing eyelash tint and eyebrow tints

My least favorite treatment is full body massage( dont mind back neck and shoulders)
and full leg waxing! ( love doing all other waxing)
whats yours?
My fav has got to be Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions as this is the only thing we now do in the salon! Love seeing the transformation our lashes make to someone's eyes!! Pet hate....facials!! xx
my favouite is wait for it .................. Lava shell massage any type of massage:wink2:
my bug bear is gel extentions ...............boring !:evil:
If you do a search, there was a thread about this not so long ago about everyone's favourite treatments and the ones they are not so keen on.

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