What's your favourite OPI colour right now?


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Oct 19, 2009
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Hi I am just about to order some new OPI colours and would like to know what your best sellers are and what people are wearing.

Many thanks.
Vampsterdam from the holland collection is selling well for me at the moment and my fave colour is be a dahlia wont you :)
I'm getting lots of vampsterdam, pedal faster suzi and a roll in the haugue aswell as pink Friday and fly requests at the minute!!!
My two all-time favourites are Pink-ing of You and Tickle My France-y - both easy to wear everyday classy shades (wore Pinking of You on my wedding day).

I got Guy Meets Galveston in a set recently and was surprised how much I liked it - it's an almost sheer red with a jelly-like shine really love it.

And from the Holland Collection I bought I Have A Herring Problem, a fan almost denim blue shot with a gorgeous gold shimmer.

Trying out OPI shades are one of my favourite passtimes :)
My Private Jet is my favourite!
Oh no, can I only choose one? :D

Black Cherry Chutney is just one, I have so so so many though :Love:
Oh no, can I only choose one? :D

Black Cherry Chutney is just one, I have so so so many though :Love:

No go for it I just want to know some of the best sellers and what people are wearing, so please add as many as you want. Thank you everyone for your replies it really helps x x
Meep meep meep!
Pink Friday from the nicki Minaj collection is my fave at the moment. x
My clients all love Lincoln Park after Dark. Every single client I have has had this colour at some point. My Private Jet is also a firm favourite. For the clients that like pinks then Pedal Faster Suzi, Pink Friday, Kiss Me On My Tulips, Pinking of you. For the nudes it's Bubble Bath, Steady As She Rose, any of the New York City Ballet collection, You Don't Know About Jacques. It's also worth have a glitter like Servin Up Sparkle so you can add it over any colour. For those that like strong colours then Fly, Purple With A Purpose, Austin-Tatious Turquoise.

I could go on forever, lol. Hope it's helped a bit xx
What people are wearing right now from OPI:

Are We There Yet
I Eat Mainly Lobster
Cajun Shrimp
Roll in the Hague
Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
Kiss Me on My Tulips
Pedal Faster Suzi
Red Lights Ahead...Where?
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Thank you all so much for your help. Its a massive help x
Lincoln Park after dark has been my fav for years :biggrin:
I've just put on royal flush blush it's so pretty I live it!!!
Where's the best place to buy opi at a good rate?
Definitely lincoln park after dark and black cherry chutney. Another is malaga wine.

The holland collection is flying in the salon, its the first collection in a while where every single colour has been used and loved and retailed x

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I get mine at my local capital hair and beauty in Bristol, they are a flagship store for OPI and include them on the 5 for 4!
I love soo many OPI's I've just ordered 3 from the spiderman collection - your web or mine? Just spotted the lizard, and number one nemesis.

I always buy 2-4 new colours on Sally's VAT days. I bought wooden shoe like to know it? Thanks a winds million, and Dutch ya just love OPI.

I'm going to buy gouda, Gouda two shoes, vamsterdam, and red lights ahead where?

My best seller is tickle my francey.

My personal fav, I just can't choose!


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