When to give up work?


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Jul 10, 2006
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s yorks
I was just wondering when you gave up working when pregnant? I work from home and have started to build my clientle up which has been hard work and i'm far from busy but it's really picked up last few months. I am due to have my second baby at the end of jan and would really like to work till about new year as obviously xmas is usually so busy and i really could use the extra money. Also when did you go back to work? I won't be getting any maternity pay so will try to go back asap. I do all beauty treatments but have stopped doing massage and indian head for the moment because i find it uncomfortable. x
from what remeber i stopped doing waxing the last 2 months of my pregnancy but stayed doing nails till the week before i went into hospital,i didnt do loads but it kept my brain working a bit , :lol:
i worked up until 3 days before evie was born and was back to work 7 days after she was born...she came 6 weeks early so it was a bit of a surprise!

i am self employed, the morning evie was born i asked my mum to call my clients to re-schedule all my appointments....7 days was all the rest she gave me!!!!!

it didn't do me any harm and it didn't affect my clients either!

I think you do what feels right for you.

If you feel that you are really pushing yourself by working over xmas then dont do it. I feel that you and your babies health is worth more than an extra week of clients.

I am surpised that self employed people dont get maternity pay from the government.
I am surpised that self employed people dont get maternity pay from the government.

I thought we did??
you get it if u have paid stamp ,i think u have to be in business 6 months or something , x
Thanks for your replies. I should of worded it differently i mean that personally i am not entitled to maternity pay because of my circumstances. Hope i didn't panic anyone else there. Well it's good to know that others have worked quite far into there pregnancy with no problems. Like already said i will see how i feel at the time but hopefully manage to work through xmas. xx

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