Where do you find your self employed therapists?


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Jun 9, 2011
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Hi Geeks.

I'm due to open a massage /beauty / yoga studio mid November. I'm looking for various therapists to compliment my skills and work alongside me on a self employed basis. I'm starting to panic because I can't find everyone that I need.

My sister in law is a yoga teacher and is committing to 2 yoga classes / week, I will be working full time in one room, and I have another good massage therapist committing to every Saturday to begin with. My place has three treatment rooms and a yoga studio, and I don't want the rooms to be sitting empty for obvious reasons...

I have posted on a facebook therapist network page, which gained some interest however didn't actually lead to anything...I've posted in gumtree, and also on a job site (a free one), and have had no interest. I'm not sure if this is because I haven't posted any photos of the rooms, because the place is getting renovated. Or maybe people just aren't interested!

I'm struggling with ideas on how to find these therapists, without stalking people on linked in! I don't want to rent the rooms to just anyone, it's really important they compliment and reflect my business, I'm starting to get a little but worried now. I'm planning on networking as much as I can, but I'm just brainstorming what my next step is here.

Does anyone have any advice on where I could find potential therapists?

Many thanks.
Hiya. Have you tried hair and beauty jobs? Think it's a paid one but they have a Facebook site too. So hard coz it would mainly be word of mouth for the reliability factor for you. You should post on here what area you're in though, someone might come across this thread. I opened it for that reason x
You can also advertise in your local job centre, free ads, Friday Ad, total jobs, ETC

Just type in google, job vacancies in (your area) and lists of places will crop up.

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What sort of therapists are you looking for? If they have professional associations contact those as they may send out updates to their members. You could try specialist training colleges who may have a 'gobs vacant' board for their qualified ex students. You could phone existing practitioners from other areas who might want a second base in you area.
I just talked to my existing clients. One is a chiropodist who fancied one day a week, I have a reiki practitioner one day a week who has just qualified and a massage therapist 2 days and a counsellor one day.

I told anybody who would listen I was looking to rent the rooms out and they found me.

I put it on salon geek with no response but it's all come together.
Good luck. Tell everyone as they may know someone!

Vic x

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Whereabouts are you based? I don't have self employed staff but when looking for staff I contacted a few salons around our area (we are in touch with each other as a few of us used to work together then went on to open our own salons) and asked them if they have bad anyone asking for a job etc recently or if they know of anyone. X
Hi geeks,

Thank your for your help. I am based in Edinburgh. I think my first port of call after reading your replies, is to contact my massage training school and ask them if they could forward an email to qualified therapists.

Then it got me thinking, I'm looking for an acupuncturist, I could email the school of acupuncture that's relevant to my area, but I'm assuming they will have no interest in forwarding an e-mail, but I can always try.

I was thinking about posting a little advert in my local realfoods, but I'm not even sure if they have a wall for that anymore, will need to check.

At the moment, the only client I have who is a therapist is qualified in massage, and that's the one hoping to get involved at weekends, unfortunately I don't have any other therapist clients...

I will post on as many jobs sites as possible and I will also post on here too! Although there doesn't seem to be that many geeks from Edinburgh on here, it's worth a shot.

Thank you all so much :)

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