Where do you place extractor?


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Jilly Bean

Oct 4, 2007
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Hi all just wondering if anyone knows the best place to place extractor. I got a mini mist extractor as I was getting a bit of over spray on my walls. I put the extractor at the back of cubicle this morning and it seemed to work fine until I was spraying clients arms. Is it better to place it in front of the cubicle to the side beside you ?
Any tips greatly appreciated x
I would have thought you had it in the right place as the pop up tent with the flap for the extraction unit is at the back in the bottom of the tent hth
Thanks for that and ye your right cause the flap is there. Maybe I should have gotten her to stand in a bit more but then in reading the instructions it does say that it is only of real benefit in a confined space and will have limited impact in an open space !
Oh well I suppose it's just a draw bk to live with :irked:

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