Where to buy Bio Sculpture in NI?


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Nov 21, 2008
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Northern Ireland
Hi Im using OPI Axxium Soak Off Colour Gel at the minute but would love to change to Biosculpture Gel.

Does anyone know if you can just buy the gel of their site or do you have to do their specific training? And if so is there any training sites in Belfast/Ireland??

you have to train with bio sculpture to be able to use their products, contact bio themselves for nearest training,

trust me you will love it, it may seem pricey but well worth it!
i thought that :( have emailed them yday but no reply yet so hopefully get one today about their training locations..thanks!
click on their websire to have a training pack sent to you, it may take a week or so but will have all the info you need xx
there is a training centre in belfast x
Anyone know the cost of the training in belfast?

Thanks :) found the suppliers - they are just down the street from me!

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