Where to OPI bulk buy?


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Jun 9, 2010
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Hi there every one.

A lot of my clients are asking about nail strenghners.

Personally i like the opi nail envy the best.

But where can i buy this in bulk?

When i searched this google it said i should buy from the US. But Where????

Lena white is the main distributor for OPI in this country.You would have to contact them to get a trade account.
Lena White is the distributor in the UK - Home - Lena White or I think you can also buy it in Sallys.
There is also a mini size nail envy which retails fantastically to clients not not sure if it will work as they dont have to fork out for the large size.

In my experience the small size often gets a sale and in my experience they have always come back and bought the bigger one when they are out.

Also, dont be tempted to buy in large amounts of stuff from the US unless you're prepared to pay the vat and import duty when it arrives. Its much easier and cheaperhen you consider postage and tax to buy from the distributor.

I have an OPI rep that serves my account and I guess my area, so if you sign up for a trade account you will probably be contacted by somebody and you then have a contact person for all your order questions.
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