Whic do you find to be the best extension tips?


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Jun 1, 2007
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Hi All,

I have been practicing extensions today with my calgel tips - no problem there so far , got them nice and smooth. However, when doing the white gel i find it hard to find the smile line to follow. also they all look a bit "samey" in colour i.e. not a very white tip. Now i know its not supposed to be bright white (or else i wouldnt be painting it) but i am sure i have seen tips with.... well whiter tips!

Someone told me calgel tips were crap and millenium were best. Whats your view?

Granted i am still a bit naff at the white but i found it hard to see the line through the pink

Help! Thanks in advance. Maybe its just me thats crap!:cry:
Once you have blended in a tip correctly there isn't a line to follow,
unless you are using some of the well less tips, these do not require blending,
you have to imagine in your minds eye where the smile line should be and what shape of smile is best for the clients nail hth

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