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Feb 20, 2004
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Jersey Channel Islands
Hi guys

I have been using Media Airbrush paint, and my clients love their FMani done this way as it gives a crisp finish.

Finish only lasting a couple of days. Any further advice would be good, and if someone is using a different brand of paint, which is giving better results please let me know.

What are you all using for basecoat - does the airbrush paint company have their own brand for use?

Thanks again
I have changed to Createx paints and get on well with them. Colours and consistency work fine for me.

You can buy base coats specifically for airbrushing - but I prefer Creative's Stickey base and Super Shiney Top coat.

All things Nails website have a good range of airbrushing supplies.
I used to use Medea paints and really liked them but got fed up with the faffing around with always needing to spray white first and I had problems with the spray varnish blocking by airbrush but I did really like the ease of cleaning between colours etc.

I changed over to Createx as I love the irridescents.

I have clients who come back after 2 weeks with the airbrushing still on - both on natural nails and enhancements.

I use stickey basecoat and I then use Melle's Airbrush top coat and then another topcoat over it for extra security and shine - I have been using Super Shiney but I am going to try Out the Door to see how I get on with it.
Thanks for your advice guys!

Do you still need to buff the nail first with Createx?

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