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Nov 10, 2003
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I would absolutely love to do the Creative airbrush course,(have done all my other courses with them and am soon having a 1-1 with Diane in Leeds),but i just cannot afford it basically (tis alot of pennies) but sooooooooooo want to learn especially as i start my first job in a salon this thursday and want to offer as much as i can...
What i'm trying to say is i'm thinking of buying an airbrush on its own and maybe a video with instructions,,,i saw a badger airbrush on a site somewhere(can't remember where tho! :sad: ) for £110.00 would this be sufficient for me,i will only be practising at first then introduce to clients,,can someone please advise me if this would be ok and where i can get a teaching video from?
Or is there a tech close to me that would be willing to help? (i'll pay you!) ooooooh i'm sounding desperate now :lol:
Take care,,,DEBS.x
Debs, have you thought about your air supply also? This tends to be the most expensive piece of equipment when first starting out. Canned air just isn't good enough (and, IMHO just doesn't look professional), plus you'd need half a dozen cans as they tend to freeze after a while of using them, and then of course, they run out!

I learned with a Badger 100SG and although I still use my first ones, I much prefer the Iwata HP-B. Which site were you looking at with the badger airbrush on it? There are a number of places available to buy airbrushing equipment from, look around and don't rush in, it's a lort of money to spend out and you need to make sure you've spent it wisely.

I would recommend you do an airbrush course with a company/trainer who doesn't insist you buy their products to do the course with. You may buy and then find out you don't like! If you're really strapped for cash then have a look at the Essential Nails site (Gina Wallace), they provide everything you need (although personally I don't like their compressor at all, but it would do for a starter) and will split the cost into three payment for you. Gina's video is pretty good too although at some point (and I would say BEFORE you start on paying customers) you should have some kind of personal training, you can't beat having a real person there when you need to ask a question right then!

Chocolate AKA Rachel does airbrushing courses and provides Iwata/Medea products (which I love) although not sure she's close enough for you.

Melle (www.allthingsnails.co.uk) provides airbrush classes and equipment, but again, she's down south.

There's lots of info on this site about airbrush courses etc so try having a search through the threads, and if I can be of any help, just email me. :D
The Airbrush course with Essential Nails has the Iwata compressor and airbrush in it, so it is brilliant value for money.

hsmith said:
The Airbrush course with Essential Nails has the Iwata compressor and airbrush in it, so it is brilliant value for money.

I have this airbrush which I am thinking of selling if you're interested?
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