Which eyelash course do I do?


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Sep 25, 2015
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Hey guys...I've been researching eyelash courses for the last few weeks now I feel totally swamped with information! I am due complete my HD Brows course this month and would like to offer another treatment to run alongside it! Can anyone recommend a course to do?! Any experiences anyone wants to share? Thanks in advance!
Hi AlexHD! I can strongly recommend Nouveau LVL Lashes and Nouveau Extend Lashes. They provide the best training, the best support and use the best products! Yes they are more expensive than other training companies, but I am a very strong believer that you get what you pay for xx
Thank you LashTech30...Obviously I have looked at Nouveau LVL Lashes and Nouveau Extend Lashes as they are part of the HD Brows family...but I have seen a few people say that their adhesives and lashes and tints aren't very good quality...what do you think of the products? x
Have a look at Gateway Workshops that have great trainers and a variety of courses x
All i can say is DONT go with LADY LASH ... i researched for weeks and thought i chose the best sadly i was mistaken and have since had to retrain xx

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