Which nail system should I train in?


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Apr 26, 2016
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Hey! So I'm a NVQ level 2 qualified beauty therapist, I work as a mobile beauty therapist offering just a few treatments that I feel I really excel in e.g brows, makeup and semi permanent lashes (which I trained at capitals in marvel lashes)

A lot of my clients ask if I do gel nails and others ask for acrylics, obviously I don't do either but as I have a lot of interest in nails from my existing clients I want to offer nail enhancement as another treatment but don't know what's the best route to go down to start off.

A lot of the gel nail courses say they are perfect for beginners but I'm not a beginner as I already have a mani/pedi qualification. I know a lot of people just buy the equipment and stock and offer gel nails without doing the course but even without a beauty NVQ! Which I don't agree with but as its so commonly done, am I missing something? Do you not need a certificate in gel nails to provide it as a treatment? Or would I not need to as I have previous experience and qualifications?

I would like to do a course just so I know I'm 100% doing the right thing and fully professional (and for insurance purposes) so I was wondering if anyone knew of a course provider that is for qualified professionals already or a refresher course? And what people's opinions are of the best brand when it comes to gel?

Thanks guys, any help is appreciated

Charlotte x

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