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Sep 17, 2003
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How do you decide the best system suited to your new clients needs if they have not had extensions before?

I know there occupation and hobbies are an important for the strengh factor. But if this was not an issue would you go with your preferred system and see if this agrees with them? or are there other factors that could help a desicion?

Any tips would be a great help because sometimes theres no particular reason for my choice. :?

hiya christine :D
you didn't mention which system you're using.
so, i'll assume that you may b using creative.
when assessing a new client, there are numerous questions that need to b answered (after full consultation)
are her nails more suited to tip & overlay, sculpted freeform, natural nail overlay, or nat. nail manicure.
if tip & o/l which tip? & which o/l.
if using liquid & powder, creative give you the choice of 2 liquids.
if the client has experienced problems with lifting, then retention + is the best choice as it bonds co-valently with keratin.
however, if she doesn't have a problem with lifting, but has more of a problem with cracking & breaking, then radical is the better choice .
if she is a new client, & you're not sure if she will have either problem, go with retention +.
if you have completed a foundation class with creative, then refer back to your notes. if not, then consider extending your training to include some up to date & advanced procedures.
hope this has helped
lol liza xx
I havent done the creative training but will be soon hopefully.

Im currently using star products. I am having a problem deciding betwen gel and F/glass and when i have done the L&P training i will be even more confused! With no knowledge of what could work or not work for a new client what would your choice be and how do you come to that desicion?

I know any comments will be helpful thanks :D

i've used l&p for 14yrs.
i had fibreglass training 10 yrs ago, & gel training about the same time.
luckily for me, my initial training was with creative.
a good standard initial training is essential, from there you can start to make better more confident decisions.
whether you r using l&p, gel or a wrap overlay doesn't really matter.
what does matter is a really good grounding in;
tip application
product application
finishing techniques
aftercare advice.
these areas r the building blocks of your day to day work.
you need to b as confident in these areas as you can b.
consultation & decision making can sometimes b rushed through in some training situations, while the application techniques r given the bulk of the time.
obviously you need to perfect all areas, but not at the expense of the initial important areas.
extend you knowledge as soon as possible.
before you manage to get this training, i suggest you purchase "the nail encyclopedia" by jackie jefford & anne swain, this will give you some initial answers.
the other thing you can do immediately is to phone designer nails on 0113 275 5719, & ask for a try me kit for "fabric#".
if you look at some of the posts on the board on the subject of fabric#, you will see that it is the latest innovation in wraps.
as you currently use gel or fibreglass i think, rather than cofuse you with l&p technology, fabric# would b the best solution to your immediate problems.
you can always get superb advice on this board once you've tried it. :D
let me know how you get on
lol liza smith
creative educator
Well once upon a time there were rules because the 3 systems of nail enhancement varied significantly in strength ..BUT times have changed and the old rules don't really apply anymore IN SOME CASES.

For example; wraps were always considered great for natural nail repairs and for people with naturally strong nail plates as a base ... but now all that has gone out the window with the new system 'Fabric#'. Fabric# can match any system for strength and durability because it is the newest and strongest wrap system suitable for all nail types.

Gels used to be considered to have more flexibility but not as much strength as Liquid & Powder systems, but now there are gels that are equally strong as L&P systems. Gels used to be considered to have a stronger bond to the nail plate than L&P systems and were often recomended for problem lifters, but now there are L&P systems that have even stronger bonding potential than gels.

The answer is that there are no hard and fast rules anymore unless
and this is the important bit to consider ....you are using middle of the road or low end systems that have really not changed very much from 10 years ago.

The higher end brands have higher end technology ... it is simple as that. So if you use cutting edge products you can really choose one system to suit 99% of nail types and it comes down to personal choice as to which you use in the salon. If you do not ... then the old rules still apply I'm afraid.
Another thing to consider in making a decision is if they are going to keep on wearing them.

I try not to put gel on a client who is unlikely to keep them up as they are so hard to remove. At least with l & p or wraps, if they won't pay you to remove them they can get a removal kit for £2.50 in superdrug and you know they won't wreck their nails. If they have gel they will no doubt pick them and ruin their nails and YOU will get the blame.
Your comments have been a great help to make things clearer for me.

So just to recap, basically its down to good products and good tecqnique not necessarily one system a better choice than another. Please tell me if im missing something as that makes to much sence!!

Thanks for recommending The Nail Encyclopedia will be ordering that so then if my eyes arn't glued to the screen my head will be stuck in a book!!!

cristine :)
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