White tips coming away at sides? Question?


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May 6, 2004
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I have had two customers this week come in and say how there nails have lifted off at the sides.

both customers hade the white french tips with a gel overlay.

So my question is, if they are coming away at the side wall and then catching in your hair (if you know what I mean) is this a problem from them not being applied correctly in the first place so therefore a fault of the technician???

Or is it from stress of use by a client??
Nail Adhesives set with pressure.

If you can visualise it ... the corners are the place where there is the least pressure applied when you adhere a tip ... especially a micro contact area tip like a french tip.

You need to ensure that you apply pressure to the corners of any micro contact area tip (by sliding your thumb nails up along the sides to the corners after the initial application) to make sure that the adhesive has properly set in the corners, or you will get this problem. Sorry but I think this is technician error.
I thought as much as well

thanks gigi
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