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Nails At The Hat Hire Company

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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
yeah i too got mistaken for a dental nurse or such like.. so i changed from the white salon jacket and (extremely flattering/fetching/sexy...not) white salon skirt to black.
as i work in my home salon i can choose, but didnt want people to just think its a hobby type thing.. (and more people ask what you do if your in some kinda uniform)
i wear a black oreintal jacket from florence roby and black 3/4 trousers and black toepost clogs (quiksilver ones with little studs on - quite cool not fogey)
i also have a diamante 'i do nails' brooch on my jacket - got from ebay - and lots of people ask me about that which increases awareness of what i do (walking advert)
really fancy having my salon logo on the jacket but not sure. (have it on my 4x4 wheelcover gold on black looks nice) but not sure about jacket. was hoping to get an enamel type badge if anyone knows where i can get one made.
i wear the same uniform as you :D i got the florence roby black 3/4 trousers and the black oriental type tunic and i got the i do nails badge :) .looks great but dust can be a problem always dusting it off with damp cloth.the rest of the girls wear white as they all do beauty and just lonesome me wears black :D but i get loads of compliments on my uniform and people always ask me what job i do .even though i got the badge on saying i do nails :shock:
hi ya.........i open my salon in august and im wearing black too and my sister who is coming to work for me part time.......and any other staff i get will wear black............i think it looks very nice and black does seem a bit nursey i think.......im going to get a i do nails badge too, there very nice!!!
hi i agree, black looks cool & thats what we wear along with cerise pink t-shirts (summer), white or black tops (winter). The only problem with black is the DUST! Boy how many times have i trotted up the bank only to glance down while waiting patiently in the Q, to realise to my horror that :shock: i look more like an escaped archeologist than a nail tech!! If anyone has any smart ideas i would b v.grateful :idea: :D
We like our whites lol...............
But then they dont look like nurses uniforms lol..............

We have white combats and white T-shirts with our Logo printed on them, also white hooded zipper jackets with our Logo on the back ...............you never know who is watching your back lol ....................
Shoes in the summer nice spangly flip flops, with cool toe art and in the winter I have some white leather ballet shoes, nice and simple and so comfey........

Now aint if funny.............we had the same look in black last year lol.......
I like to change our uniform from time to time...........

love Ruth xxxx
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