Why are my gels yellowing?


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Mar 9, 2003
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I did several sets of pink &whites(tips) gels this last week for prom. I looked at a couple of girls and they are slightly off colored or yellow. Not bright white like they were when I first did them. I used the UV sealer when I was finished and they still looked weird. :( What could be going on. I use Relfex gel by Supply Source.
Is it just in the surface (i.e. does it file off)?
Is it primarily in zone 1 (the free edge)?
Is this the first time you have used these products together?

Lemme know
Oh, I forgot to mention these girls tan. Just the white tips look off colored. I use this product all the time, but I always polish them. I am thinking maybe the tanning lotions they use have bronzers in them. but I always thought gels were non-pourus and nothing can get thru.Maybe I should try another line. Whats a good gel line?
All my other pink and whites are acrylics. What do you use to keep the P&w's acrylics from yellowing? I tried Out the Door and it is great for polished nails but yellows badly on AC. :sunny:
Thanks for your help! :D I just love these icons!!!!

Sounds like either the bronzer stained the underside of the tip, left a residue on the surface of the gels, or stained your topcoat/enamel application.

If they were clear, then Im sure a residue was left behind as most gels are so dense, it would be pretty difficult for the bronzer to penetrate... though saying that... they can still be penetrated :)

A top coat could work loads here. Sure it would discolour, but then the client could just change the top coat thereby changing the yellowing.

Either that... or paint them yellow and call it nail art :rofl:
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