Why are my whites not er...white??


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Jo Jo

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Oct 6, 2003
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and I'm not talking underwear!!! :rofl: Ok, When I apply my whites (Perfect colour white) they are looking a little...dull! kinda grey looking! what am I doing wrong? Is it too much monomer? :huh: I have tried to keep my brush as dry as I can whilst keeping the bead at it's necessary consistency but they still have that 'violet' tinge in them, I've got the smile line coming along nicely but it just looks pants when it's dull! help me!! Jxx
hiya jojo
if your whites r looking grey, it almost definatly means that you aren't applying your zone 1 (apex) high enough.
if you find yourself concentrating on the smile line, sometimes the height of the white at the smile line isn't enough.
this is ok, as long as you apply a 2nd small bead directly ontop of the smile line in the centre, & encourage it around the smile line, tapering the excess back to the free edge.
this gives you the height needed at the apex so that when you apply your pink, it will butt up to the white, not come way over the top.
it's when you build up your apex with pink, that you get the grey area.
always check your appl. of white from the side b4 you apply the pink, & b happy with the height of your apex.
hope this helps :D
liza smith, creative educator kent.
Hi Liza! Thanks so much for that, you are right I am making my whites as flat as I can! :rolleyes: would you say the apex should be about a mm or less than that? Jxx
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