Why do you need to ensure cuticle remover is taken off?


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Hi, I am currently training to become a Nail Technition ( very exciting ) and got asked a question by my tutor that I am unsure how to answer. She asked me to find out ... Why do I need to ensure cuticle remover is taken off after cuticle work is finished. I've studied my work book but all it says is not to leave it on longer than 5 minutes and to wipe away with water after completing cuticle work. It doesn't explain WHY I need to do it.
Would it cause a reaction?? Does it effect the other products I'll be using??? Or will it dehydrate or damage the skin??
Someone please HELP lol.


one of the reasons you need to make sure its all removed it can cause lifting x


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You don’t want it contaminating any other products you are applying after you have done the cuticles, gel or polish won’t stick as such and may lift prematurely


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What others have said and also cuticle remover also contains potassium hydroxide and trisodium phosphate so could irritate some skin types if left on too long.

Jax B

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Most cuticle removers have oil in them and other chemicals that are not healthy for the nails and the surrounding skin if left on.


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I use cuticle away by cnd. The cnd trainer taught me that the cuticle away needs deactivation with water otherwise it will keep working and interfere with the rest of the service x