Why does a lot of hair look like dolls hair?


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Oct 14, 2013
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Im trying so hard to find a make of extension thats good quality and doesnt look like dolls hair..is it because a lot a extensions are coated or something? Please help :(
Where have you sampled?
So far i have just been looking online..and all the pictures of hair just looks too shiny to look natural.

Maybe im just being extremely picky.

Looking at glamorous lengths now it looks nice hair and still debating about extensionelle hair

Thanks for any help :) x
Have a search on here, theres a thread about which extension brands are good and lots of reviews. :)
You need to buy a packet to tell, photos are editted to make it look glamorous to consumers, lots of places do samples once youve found a couple of suppliers you like buy a packet & wear it, bare in mind a lot of suppliers hair is different textures for dark and bright blondes due to processing, #4 for instance can be quite normal, almost rough in comparison to #60 which can be a bit dolly until it loosens up with a wash.

Then youve got differences in origins = difference in texture again due to how they are processed. You need to buy some.

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I too am finding a similar problem especially in blondes, when the clients hair is dry and shine less the extensions are glistening. However you find after a couple of washes that goes away :)

Sean Collins Hairdressing Glasgow
I noticed you are trained in great lengths my favourite :) do you find it with such a high quality brand too?

Currently looking at extensionelle hair beautiful in dark but its the blonde that gets me too haha xx

In the salon I fit great lengths hair but wanted to find a cheaper hair supplier for a budget range for my personal clients but still quite good quality and came across a company called angel remy.one of my personal clients has had them in 4 months now, only 1 has fallen out so far and the hair still feels in good condition even though she uses ghds everyday, she says it's now starting to feel abit dry but hasn't used any hair masks which she said she will try at the wkend or any special shampoos and cond (against my advice) and hers are 3 different types of blondes.
This is defo the company I will be using for my budget range and by far are the best from all the samples I had received from other company's.
I've had my gl in for 5 months and they are very dry and getting very hard to style so if hair that costs as much as gl gets dry ( although was bleached when I had a colour change ) then angel remy are doing well and the bonds are still italian keratin.
Obviously I will still be applying the great lengths way but with all these micro rings being offered at £150 for a full head I need to start offering a more affordable service but I still can't drop it to bloody £150 for a full head I mean what quality of hair are you going to get at that price! Grrrrrr
Cheap hair always costs someone else dear


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Yep ive heard that too, for every bag of cheap hair you buy a child somewhere has to process charcoal... I wont even tell you what happens to fairies if you tell a fib :rolleyes:

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Seriously. Cheap hair comes from combings out of brushes. The film slum dog millionaire illustrates how children comb rubbish dumps. One of the things they look for is hair combings. These are then hackled out, dunked in acid, and coated in silicon.
It's where the word Remy comes from, and what it actually means.

You can choose to ignore child labour and slave labour in a quest for the cheapest hair, or the cheapest clothes, but for anything cheap, somebody else pays the price.
Yes theres a massive conversation to be had, lots of press stories, girls at gunpoint in brazil for their ponytails, cherly cole wearing russian prisioners hair, chinese country girls getting paid 6m wages for their hair, child labour, traffiking, religion.. no one, even you, is above being part of the issue no matter how much you pay,

Such a conversarion doesnt belong on this thread and has zero to do with a bag of charcoal.

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Ill have a look at angel thank you :) did you get a sample sent from extensionelle?


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