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Why rent a chair when you can rent a whole room?


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Sep 8, 2012
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Here's a fantastic chance for you to reap the rewards of your training and experience and instead of working for someone else you can work for yourself in a modern hairdressing studio contained within a busy and vibrant salon environment.

Based in Mossley Hill Liverpool, Dovedale Health and Beauty Studios offer a great selection of individual therapy rooms for self-employed hairdressers and therapists to rent.

These fully inclusive rooms give any small business a great base to work from and the individual trades are further complimented with advertising boards situated in the large windows. Each therapist has their own space on the windows and of course space to advertise and promote their business inside with leaflets and small posters.

At present Dovedale Health and Beauty Studios have a fantastic rental opportunity for one or two fully qualified and/or experienced hairdressers to operate within the premises as one of the main ground floor rooms will soon become available.

This medium sized hairdressing room which is already kitted out with a backwash sink is currently for hire over a six day week so it's a possible hire for 1 or 2 persons to share.

This room is available to rent on a full time basis only for a minimum of 3 months contract (1 month notice req).

The studios currently have two full time (busy) Beauty Therapists working full time and other health and well being therapists working part time.

Dovedale Health and Beauty Studios are situated at a prime location for clients within the Allerton and Mossley Hill neighbourhoods, with excellent parking directly out side the building and local bus route access directly outside the premises.
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