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Jul 29, 2011
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Blantyre; Glasgow
Hi all,

Sorry if this has been addressed before or if this in the right place but wondering if any savvy folks out there can point me in the right direction.

I qualified as a beauty therapist last summer after 2 years. I worked for 6months (approx) in a Salon exclusively as a nail tech but I was working with hair professionals and so had no guidance or advice from a someone in the same trade. As a result I don't know if i could call this GOOD work experience yknow?

I am currently pregnant, nearly 6months gone and about to start maternity leave and I am wondering if I can use my leave to try and find work experience (paid or unpaid). Is this a good idea? I know nobody would hire me due to it being a temporary arrangement but do you think any salons might consider taking me on to build up experience even if it was unpaid.

I am also taking my maternity leave to do day courses, and attend Business gateway seminars as I would like to do some mobile treatments and hopefully set up my own business after the baby is born (either by renting a room or by having my own premises, it really depends on start up costs).

I am just wondering if anyone else has tried to start up a business or put things in place during pregnancy, or if anybody thinks trying to find work experience in a salon or spa during pregnancy is a good/bad idea.

I really want to get things going, i couldn't get a job after the previous salon so I ended up going back to hospitality trade (ugh) and I'd really like to put things in place in order to really get started.


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