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Jul 25, 2007
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I am English but I live in Turkey

Okay, I am living in Turkey, no suppliers or distributors there of any nail products. I am looking for a supplier where I can get all of my products from rather than 'bouncing' around from one to the other, comparing prices etc. I'm reluctant to rely on just one which I have found Galaxy Nails, and although they are good I dont have a backup. Also I am a newbie and am now entirely sure which suppliers are good and which aren't at the moment, I just go on prices.

My teacher says the States is a very good place to get supplies from? Makes sense I guess but are they any good?

Can anybody give me any advice here? Obviously flammable liquids I will buy at home but the rest, nail tips, glue bla bla everything really. Can anybody recommend a good supplier, cheap who ships worldwide please?

Thanks everybody
I am sure Ellisons deliver abroad.
I have just tried to search for their website. It is not coming up. Is it

Thanks, but you cannot order online for delivery abroad, you could request a catalogue though
Hi Barbie girl and welcome to the site

I love your energy for this business.

We ship to Turkey . Take a look at our site to see if it has what you are after

Light Elegance

Willing to answer any questions you may have

Kind Regards
Hi, wow thank you for the information. I'll have a good look today at your website. I really do want to find one supplier that I can rely on rather than bouncing around to find a cheap deal here and there.

I am completely obsessed with nails now. And this forum is so informative and helpful, so glad I stumbled across it.

Thanks again

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